Holidaze Art's and Craft Show - Nov.  21 - 22,  2015
Valparaiso      Indiana
Don't Miss Out; We had over 200 art and crafters last year and this years response seems much larger.The show is held at the porter county expo center (fairgounds)  We are trying to be fair to are crafters from last year . They will be offered space first but after the deadline we will take craft people as applications come in. We again will be using the first two buildings but will use the 3rd building if necessary. We are hopping again to get a large variety of crafts to give our customers a nice selection to choose from. Admission to the show will be only $2.00. If you are one of our craft people and see us a another show and can help promote the show by taking a poster or some brochures it would be helpful to all of us and it would be very much appreciated, just ask us. If you use facebook please let your friends know you are participating in the show nd to pass it onto their friends. With your help we would hope to have one of the best shows with high quality crafters in northwest Indiana.
     As always we are looking forward to working with you to make the event as profitable and enjoyable as we can. . Great food and drink's will be available during show hours.
If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to call us at 219-464-9918
E-Mail holidazeshow@yahoo.com
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